Philosophy / Purpose / Teaching

Building a Community with Love and Care

At Matua Plunket Kindergarten we have created a place in which children feel happy, safe and comfortable.

It is here that relationships form the foundation of our being.

Through the respect and understanding of qualified experienced teachers we work in true partnership with families to form a strong bridge for a young child between home and centre.

The authentic relationships and the diverse activities, experiences and events of the day provide a rich and optimal learning environment.

Trust, Well-being, Sense of Self

These relationships build a pathway for a child to feel at home here and for trust to grow.

Our Virtues philosophy supports each child to develop their character; to see their strengths, as they begin relating to others.

When your child feels known, appreciated and secure in their relationships in their lives, they are what we call ‘emotionally satisfied’.

This means they are not needy; they are in the right state to play alongside other children and grow their skills for getting along with others.

Teachers’ sensitive observations are the basis for our deciding what support each child needs for their specific learning and development.

We believe that the skills for getting along with others, in all sorts of situations, will be the most valuable skills your child can learn with us.

The Child is the Initiator of their Own Learning.

Our environment invites your child to explore and have the opportunity to engage with their interests.

Our ‘home-ified’ (home away from home) environment focuses upon your child’s biological pattern of unfolding – to play out their play urges, surrounded by real life experiences.

Open Resources; Loose Parts; Imagination; Uninhibited Play

We nurture independent self-directed, child led imaginative play.

This is part of the foundation from which your child’s further learning is cemented.

By providing a range of natural, open ended and recycled resources we support and inspire children’s imagination and creativity.

Our Essence

Together at Matua Plunket Kindergarten we create experiences that will meet the holistic needs of all the children.

The curriculum encourages children to play, as it is through active imaginative play that children develop almost all the skills required for this stage of development, including cognitive and problem solving skills, creativity, imagination, self-expression, concentration, investigation, language, numeracy and social skills.

Through playing wholeheartedly, children gradually over time learn to direct their own impulses and will, which means they can work with others co-operatively, collaboratively and with initiative.

A strong team with a shared Philosophy wrapped in love achieves magic because it is the Philosophy that holds the practice in harmony.